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You can make the world just a tiny bit better by contributing a random act of kindness. Let's call it recharging the Karma Battery.

Your donation will be given away to fill needs in a random act of kindness. Gifts here are spent to purchase Amazon wishlists for strangers.

Step 1) Buy any domination of Amazon Gift card using cash. Sadly, we cannot accept any card that is purchased with debit, credit, EBT or other form of account transfer. Only cash purchased Amazon gift cards are acceptable.

Step 2) Upload clear image of the receipt for purchase. Gift card receipt from your retailer must state clearly that it was bought with "CASH" and the last 4 of the card serial number must be printed clear and visible on the receipt. 

Step 3) Upload a clear image of the full Amazon gift card. The barcode

and serial number must be clear and relatable to the receipt.

Any uploaded card that appears to be purchased in any method

other than cash, will not be redeemed, donated or processed.

Step 4) That's it! There will be no further response from this website 

or the staff other than the automatic thank you generated by

the form below on submission. Your act of kindness is anonymous

and no records related to the origin of this karma donation will be

retained or linkable. 

Upload Receipt
Matching Amazon Card

Thank you for your Karma Kindness!

Oops, Something isn't right. Ask the universe for direction.

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