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👉👉YouTube Video (Card) 1 - 30 Seconds


👉👉YouTube Video (Card) 2 - 4 min 12 Seconds


👉👉YouTube Video (NFC Button) 1 - Spanish - 30 Seconds


👉👉YouTube Video (NFC Button) 2 - Spanish - 70 Seconds




A NFC (near field communicator) is a small tag placed on the back of your phone that lets you instantly share your social media, music, payment platforms and contact info just by tapping your phone to a compatible smartphone!


You can set this button to load any URL you prefer. Our staff will provide instructions within the delivery packaging.


Special apps are not required to to load your URL.

This is an official POPL with HEX.COM branding.  This includes all packaging and free functions to custom link sharing using the Popl app.


This comes preloaded with 

You can easily change this preloaded data to any available username you choose from Popl upon delivery.


The videos above are for our NFC embedded business cards. This NFC button functions in a similar way, loading your social media platforms in one swoop to your contact or audience.


Item ships direct to your billing address in 1-3 weeks. 

Official popl - HEX.COM

  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer a return or refund on this special order item. All sales are final.

    We will help make sure there are no technical issues and help you understand how to maximize the potential.

    Check out our channel for details.

  • Included Shipping is for continental USA only. 

    If you have a special request for shipping outside continental USA, message me at and I will quote the additional shipping cost for your foreign address.

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